Autumn hike to the waterfall

Do you know the waterfall of the Grimmingbach?

Have you ever been there?

No, never heard of it before – then it is high time to visit this natural spectacle! But where is the waterfall located and does a path lead there?

Here comes the hiking route to the waterfall, which leads mainly through forest and meadow areas:

The tour starts in Tauplitz am Freibad (leisure centre). The tour continues along an asphalted farm road in the direction of the Gnanitzalm. After just a few hundred metres you will reach the exit sign of Tauplitz. Only a few houses and farms still line the Granitzweg. It meanders comfortably along meadows and pastures, where dairy cows and other four-legged companions pursue their occupation. Soon, about three kilometres later, a signpost in large letters indicates the direction to the waterfall. Here a forest path branches off to the right of the road, which after a while leads into the forest. There the path narrows into a path. It goes over hill and dale, sometimes uphill, then downhill. The sound of the Grimmingbach can now be heard clearly. With every meter the roar gets louder. Finally the destination is reached: the waterfall of the Grimmingbach.

Here the water masses fall more than twenty meters into the depth. The water collects cleanly and clearly in a basin at the bottom of the waterfall. From there it continues its way into the valley. Mosses and other moisture-loving plants line the watercourse and serve as moisture stores.

The path leads up the slope to the starting point of the waterfall. From there you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings. From there, the forest path first winds above the Grimmingbach before turning left to the Granitzweg. Arrived at the asphalt road, turn left. Follow the road. Tauplitz and the starting point at the outdoor pool is reached after 20 to 30 minutes.

For this hike of about four to five kilometres you should plan about 90 minutes. Solid shoes or hiking boots are recommended.

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